Work With Me

If you’re a company looking to establish or grow your presence in tech community events, I can help. I’m available to book advice and working sessions for the following types of event planning work. If you need help with another event-related topic but don’t see it listed here, feel free to contact me to discuss possibilities.

My company / organization wants to start sponsoring conferences.

I can help you set expectations and concrete goals for your sponsorships to ensure that you sponsor the right conferences and get the most out of them. You’ll walk away with a list of prospective conferences to build relationships with, as well as a checklist to follow when you decide to sponsor an event. You’ll be able to lay the foundation of your reputation within your tech communities, and you’ll become one of a conference’s favorite sponsors.

My company wants to start its own industry conference.

Let’s talk. My area of expertise is “community events”, a phrase that implies a lot about an event and centers around prioritizing your community above all else. (This is one of those “you know it when you see it” kinds of things.) If that sounds like the kind of event you’d like to build, I can help to various extents throughout your planning cycle.

We’ll start with an introductory call to determine the needs of your event and if there’s a good fit. By the end of our first working session, you’ll have a document detailing the core staffing and timeline needs for your event, along with recommendations for tools and vendors that can save you time and effort. I’ll also be available throughout your planning cycle to assist and help you adapt when things don’t go exactly as planned.

I’m starting a new community / volunteer run conference.

In many cases, this means you’re running on a very tight budget or perhaps don’t even know what your budget should be yet. I encourage you to join, a community of conference organizers, to ask some questions and gain some insights from folks who’ve run events like yours before. Members of that community have a wide range of experience, and they’re always willing to help others support their communities. You can also find me there, and we can discuss options if you need dedicated guidance beyond what you’re able to learn from that group’s meetings.

Why work with me?

I’ve been running and participating in all aspects of events for the last decade. I’ve run events ranging in size from just a few attendees to hundreds, and I’ve sponsored events with up to thousands. I know that each of these events is unique and requires a tailored approach to best support its community. I’ll put the needs of the community first, as I always have, every time.